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Manual for Thermal Camera (iOS)

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Main Screen

Photo Button

This button takes a photo. The app can save it in three types:

  • Thermal image
  • Real color image
  • Flir Tools compatible thermal image
Thermal image
Real color image
Flir Tools image

You can switch each image format on or off in the options with the setting: Images to save

Only the third image type can be opened and edited in Flir Tools. And if this feature is not used, it is recommended to deactivate the third image type due to its larger size and the missing extra features (like min/ max temperature, deactivated MSX, ...).

Cross Hair

You can use the Cross Hair to find the temperature of an element on the thermal image. The cursor can simply be drag'n dropped around the screen and the temperature behind it is displayed on the bottom, above the image taking button (See title image). You can reset the cursor by double tapping on it.

The cursor can also be hidden by tapping the cross hair icon on the right of the temperature. If done so the cursor will also be not saved when taking a photo.


The palette defines how the thermal image is colorized. There are currently twelve different palettes available:

Palette Palette used for
Flir Tools compatible image
Cold - Color - Hot
Iron Iron
Iron Gray Iron
Black/ White Gray
Inverted Gray Gray
Arctic Arctic
Lava Lava
Rainbow Rainbow
Double Rainbow Rainbow
Rain Rain (Contrast)
Color Wheel 12 Colors Color Wheel 6 Colors (Wheel)
Color Wheel 6 Colors Color Wheel 6 Colors (Wheel)
Color Wheel Redhot Color Wheel 6 Colors (Wheel)

Most palettes don't have a representation in the Flir Framework and are not saved with the Flir Tools compatible image. Here the app chooses a palette that's very similar to the selected one. See the second column in the above table.

You can also change the upper and lower bounds of the palette. Either by setting them manually or by locking the palette. It should be mentioned that the Flir One has huge temperature jumps (<2 K) before and after tuning.

You can also change the gamma value of the palette by sliding up and down on the screen. For more information see the Gestures Section.

Min / Max Temp.

These two numbers always represent the min / max temperature of the current palette. They can currently trigger only one action:

  • Long press: open dialog to change lower and upper bounds of palette

The upper and lower temperature bounds are only saved with the Thermal Image format.

Toolbar Opener

This button opens the Toolbar.


This menu contains shortcuts to some relevant settings that are needed to use the app. It can be opened by tapping the toolbar opener.

This menu contains from left to right following buttons:

Palette Chooser

This buttons opens the dialog to choose between the different palettes.

Tuning Button

Tapping this button triggers the tuning of the camera.

Palette Locker

A simple tap will lock/ unlock the palette. If the palette is locked, the max and min temperature will not change anymore.

MSX Toggle

This button switches between the non combined (no MSX) and combined (with MSX) mode of the real color and thermal image. By default, the app starts in the non combined mode. This will also be saved with standard thermal image.

Options Button

This button opens the standard settings menu. See the Options section for more information.



Here you can select your preferred unit. Possible options are:

  • Celsius (ºC)
  • Kelvin (K)
  • Fahrenheit (ºF)
  • Rankine (ºRa)


This value is important to calculate the right temperature for the viewed object. For more information about it, take a look at: Wikipedia.

One can only choose from following emissivity values:

  • ε=0.95 Matte (default)
  • ε=0.80 Semi matte
  • ε=0.60 Semi glossy
  • ε=0.30 Glossy

Hide Real Color Image

You can hide the real color image in the bottom right corner of the screen with this button.

The real color image format will still be saved, even when this option is activated.

MSX Zoom

The configuration of the cameras inside the Flir ONE can change between the models. If the images don't overlap one should choose a different zoom setting for it, but 100% is default value.

Images to save

With this option, you can toggle each image format for saving on or off. For a list of available formats, look in the Image taking section.


Action Function
swipe up or down
  • Changes the gamma value of the palette (outside MSX)
  • Changes the position of the overlay (inside MSX)
  • Changes the position of the cross hair
double tap Resets following properties:
  • Gamma value (in and outside MSX)
  • Position of the cross hair
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